VMware SRM 6.1 with 3PAR replication

VMware’s Site Recovery Manager is your automated disaster recovery run book. You can replicate your virtual machines using vSphere replication, or you can let your storage arrays do the heavy lifting. In this demonstration we’ll configure SRM 6.1 with 3PAR replication.


  1. Protected and recovery SRM sites are paired. Refer to VMware’s documentation for instructions.
  2. Remote copy is configured between two 3PAR arrays. This can be over ethernet or fibre channel.
  3. SRM user accounts are configured on each array.


  1. Download the SRA (storage replication adapter) from HP and install the .msi on each SRM node.
  2. RDP to each SRM node and execute the following for all local 3PAR arrays
    TPDSrm.exe validatecert -sys 3PAR_Name -user Username -pass Password
    (TPDSrm is located in x:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\storage\sra\3PARInServ)
  3. Answer Yes when promptedTPDsrm Certificate Validation
  4. Launch your vSphere Web Client
  5. Click on Site RecoverySite Recovery
  6. Click on Array Based ReplicationArray Based Replication
  7. Click on the Add Array Manager buttonAdd Array Manager
  8. Select Add a pair of array managers (default option) and click nextAdd A Pair of Array Managers
  9. Select the site where the secondary array lives and click NextArray Location
  10. Select the HP 3PAR SRA Software as the SRA type and click NextSRA Type
  11. Enter the array information for the primary site including the credentials for the SRM account you created on the 3PARConfigure Array Manager
  12. Enter the array information for the DR site including the credentials for the SRM account you created on the 3PARConfigure Paired Array Manager
  13. Enable the Array Pair and click NextEnable Array Pair
  14. Review your settings and click Finish


You might see errors on the newly added arrays…

Array Errors

You can view the details of the error under the array’s manage tab

Array Error Details

“SRA command ‘discoverDevices’ failed. Error. Remote Copy group is not available. Create and configure Remote Copy group in your Storage System.” This is pretty straight forward, we need to create a remote copy group in our 3PARs.

  1. Log in to the 3PAR Management Console
  2. Select remote copyRemote Copy
  3. Right click on your periodic copy folder and click create remote copy groupCreate Remote Copy Group
  4. Select your source and destination targets and name the group then click nextRemote Copy Group Target
  5. Select your source and destination volumesSource & Destination Volumes
  6. Click add and then nextAdd Volume Pair
  7. Click finish
  8. Log into the vSphere Web Client and click on discover devices in the array pairs management tabDiscover Devices
  9. Click yesDiscover Devices Dialog
  10. After a few moments, SRM has discovered our replicated volume! Note that we are looking at this from the DR site and that’s why the status says incoming replication. The main site will show outgoing replicationDR Replicated Volume
  11. All statuses are clear!Statuses Clear



Matt Bradford

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  1. hi ,

    how is selceted more than one remote copy on remote copy gropu name prefix section.

    ı want to create 2 or 3 array based replication is it possible ?

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