Changing the collection interval in vROps

By default, vRealize Operations Manager collects data from your environments every five minutes. This is suitable for most environments and we recommend leaving this at the default. Increasing this value will also increase vRealize Operations demand for storage and compute to process the additional data. On the other hand, increasing this value will decrease demand for storage and compute which may be desirable in environments with capacity constraints. Collection intervals are changed on a per-adapter instance basis. For example, this can be configured per vCenter.

If you’re like me, then you would assume that this setting is located in the configuration of the solution. However, I’ve looked and it’s not there.


Where is the collection cycle??

In vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 and 6.7, the collection cycle is configured via the Inventory Explorer.

  • Click on Administration
  • Expand Configuration
  • Select Inventory Explorer
  • Expand Adapter Instances and select the adapter type
  • Select the adapter in the right-hand window
  • Click the edit object pencil.

  • Expand the Advanced Settings and adjust the Collection Interval from 1 to 1,440 minutes.

For more information on vRealize Operations Data Collections, check out this great article by Sunny Dua.


Matt Bradford

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  1. Great, thanks! This might be a good workaround for me to collect VM data faster. But, I am hesitant to lower the collection interval since it might cause a storage issue. Is there any API provided by vCenter to get mapping of VM with hsot, data centre, cluster etc ?

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