Support for multiprocessor fault tolerance (SMP-FT) in vSphere 6

One of the many great features of vSphere 6 is the new support for multiprocessor fault tolerance (SMP-FT). I’ve been playing around with SMP-FT since vSphere 6 was in Beta and I’m real excited by the possibilities. Many of the previous restrictions such as single vCPU and the in-ability to backup FT protected VM’s made it impractical as a production feature. vSphere 6 lifts those limitations by allowing up to 4vCPU’s, vmdk replication, vMotion, and snapshots (currently via VADP only)!

I felt that simply writing about SMP-FT wouldn’t do it justice and set out to create this video. I’m happy to finally be able to share it with you!


Matt Bradford

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