Maintain your SLA’s with vCloud Air

How difficult is it for you to get downtime? If you are in the grip of your SLA’s, I’d say it’s damn near impossible. 99.999% is just 5.3 minutes of downtime a year, so how do you plan to spend those minutes?

Can you imagine spending it re-sizing your hosts? Virtualization is supposed to save us from pulling hosts out of racks and out of production to upgrade resources. So why would you settle for a cloud provider that requires you to do the virtual equivalent? It’s a step in the wrong direction, like landing on chutes.


Azure required my Server 2012 R2 VM to be down for five minutes while it migrated from level A0 to A1. That’s five nail-biting minutes, or an entire year’s worth of downtime! AWS performed slightly better, with two minutes to upgrade from t2.micro to t2.small. Neither option leaves room for error when sizing your production VM’s. It’s hard enough to accurately project resources at launch and considering SLA’s are on the line we’d all err on over-sizing and overspending. Especially when it’s your butt on the line and somebody else’s dime!

If you’re promising five nines of uptime, your application should be highly available. In a perfect world that’s true, but the fables of sales eclipse reality from time to time. Fortunately, vCloud Air happily supports hot-adding resources such as CPU, memory, and storage on supported OS’es (sorry Ubuntu). This allows you to conserve compute and economic resources with the ability to expand with demand while meeting contractual requirements. You’ll be an IT hero when you save your company from the penalties of not meeting your SLA’s!

Rest easy knowing if sales and demand on your VM’s increase overnight; it’s a good thing as vCloud Air has your back. vCloud Air OnDemand keeps your services online so you can size your VM’s for today, not for months from now.

Join vCloud Air today! Claim your $300 service credit and start climbing the ladder to success!

Matt Bradford

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