VCP6-DCV Study Flashcards

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[q]What are five services provided by the PSC?

[a]Single Sign-On


Certificate Authority (VMCA)

Certificate Store (VECS)

Service Registry

[q]What are three types of iSCSI Adapters?


Dependent Hardware

Independent Hardware

Software Based

[q]How many virtual disks are supported on an FT enabled VM?


[q]What’s the maximum number of NUMA nodes per physical host?


[q]How many NFS mounts can a physical host have?


[q]How many logical CPU’s can a physical host support?


[q]How many LUNS are supported on a physical host?


[q]How much memory can an FT protected VM have?

[a]64 GB

[q]What is the maximum amount of RAM a physical host can have?


(12TB on some OEM Platforms)

[q]What is the maximum amount of video memory a VM can have?


[q]How many virtual disks can a single physical host support?


[q]What is the maximum active network ports (VSS & VDS) supported by a physical host?


[q]How many concurrent remote console connections can a single VM have?


[q]How many storage adapters (SCSI, IDE, SATA) are supported for a single VM?


[q]What is the maximum size of a physical RDM?


[q]What is the maximum number of vCPU’s supported by a single physical host?


[q]How many VM’s can a single physical host support?


[q]How many vCPU’s can a single physical core support?


[q]What are the three auto deploy methods?


Stateless Caching

Stateful Install

[q]What is the host management log?


[q]What is the core VMKernel log?


[q]What information can you find in /var/log/syslog.log?

[a]Management service initialization


Scheduled Tasks

DCUI use

[q]What is the main vCenter Server log?


[q]How many virtual NIC’s can a VM support?


[q]What is the largest file size supported on VMFS-5?


[q]How many FT protected vCPU’s can you have on a physical host?


[q]What is the largest VMDK size you can have on a VMFS-5 datastore?


[q]How many FT protected VM’s can you have running on a physical host?


[q]What are the default security roles for vCenter?



No Access


VMware Documentation

[q]How many CPU’s can a single VM have?


[q]What’s the block size of a VMFS-5 datastore?


[q]What’s the maximum size of a virtual RDM?


[q]What’s the maximum amount of memory a VM can have?


(actual value is 4,080GB)

[q]What are the three configurations of Lockdown mode?





VMware Documentation

[q]What are the three network security policies?

[a]MAC Address Changes

Promiscuous Mode

Forged Transmits

[q]What are the two types of PSC you can install?

[a]Embedded PSC

External PSC

[q]What’s the maximum number of vCenters that can participate in a linked mode group?


[q]What four types of certificates can you use for replacement with the VMCA?

[a]Certificates signed by VMCA

Make VMCA an intermediate CA

Third Party/Custom Certificates (Don’t use the VMCA)

Hybrid – VMCA & Custom


VMware Documentation

[q]What utilities can be used to manage certificates?

[a]PSC Web Interface

vSphere Certificate Manager Utility

CLI Commands (certool, vecs-cli, dir-cli)

[q]What five NIC teaming policies are available?

[a]Route based on the originating port ID

Route based on IP hash

Route based on source MAC address

Explicit failover order

Route based on physical NIC load (VDS only)


VMware Documentation

[q]What are the three uplink types that can be used for VDS/VSS failover?

[a]Active Uplinks

Standby Uplinks

Unused Uplinks

[q]What is the maximum amount (percentage) of bandwidth that can be reserved on a physical adapter using NIOC3?



VMware Documentation

[q]What are the four TCP/IP stacks available at the VMkernel level?






VMware Documentation

[q]What is the largest MTU size you can configure on a virtual switch?

[a]9,000 bytes

[q]What’s the default scratch partition size of an ESXi 6 host?



VMware Documentation

[q]How many VM’s and hosts does the VCSA’s embedded PostgreSQL database support

[a]1,000 Hosts

10,000 VM’s


VMware Documentation

[q]How many VM’s can be backed up with a single VDP appliance?


[q]How many VDP appliances can a single vCenter support?

[q]What command line tool can you run on an ESXi host to collect real time performance data?


[q]What does vmkping do?

[a]Ping another host using a specific vmkernel port


VMware Documentation

[q]What does VOMA stand for

[a]vSphere On-disk Metadata Analyzer

[q]When looking at storage performance in esxtop, GAVG is the sum of what two measurements?


DAVG is the response time in ms per command being sent to the storage device

KAVG is the amount of time in ms a command spends in the VMkernel.

GAVG represents the response time perceived by the VM’s operating system.

[q]What are the six vCenter logging options?

[a]None (Disable Logging)

Error (Errors only)

Warning (Errors and warnings)

Info (Default – Normal logging)

Verbose (Verbose logging)

Trivia (Extended verbose logging)

[q]What is the default evaluation interval for DRS?

[a]5 minutes

[q]What does HA use as the default isolation address to determine if a host is isolated from the network?

[a]The gateway of the management network unless using VSAN. If using VSAN the VSAN storage network is used.

[q]What is the default das.vmcpuinmhz value (HA’s default CPU resource value for a VM that has no CPU reservation)?



VMware Documentation

[q]What is the default das.iostatsinterval value (I/O stats interval for VM Monitoring)?

[a]120 seconds

A value of 0 disables the check


VMware Documentation

[q]What is the minimum number of seconds a host will wait before executing the HA isolation policy?

[a]30 Seconds

If the value of fdm.isolationpolicydelaysec is less than 30, the delay will be 30 seconds.


VMware Documentation

[q]What are the three options for VM Hyperthreaded Core Sharing?

[a]Any (default)




VMware Documentation

[q]What features allows a VM to have direct access to a PCI/PCIe device?

[a]DirectPath I/O

[q]What features are not supported for a VM with Directpath I/O?






[q]What are the two content library types?




VMware Documentation

[q]What are the five iSCSI CHAP security levels?


Use unidirectional CHAP if required by target

Use unidirectional CHAP unless prohibited by target

Use unidirectional CHAP

Use bidirectional CHAP


VMware Documentation

[q]How many serial ports can a vHW 11 VM have?


[q]What is the maximum RTT latency supported for long distance vMotion?


[q]What happens to a VM’s MAC address when it is vMotioned between two vCenters?

[a]It is preserved

[q]How much Virthal Flash Read Cache can be assigned to a single VMDK?




These VCP6-DCV study flashcards are designed to help you memorize key information about vSphere 6. Information covered includes host and VM configuration, networking, storage, troubleshooting, and new features. Links to useful VMware documentation is provided on many cards. I hope you find these useful and best of luck on your upcoming exam!

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